Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known.

—Carl Sagan

A little about me. 

Like most accomplished designers, I built my career in the arts on a solid foundation of late nights and no math classes. After completing my degree, I worked as a consultant in Washington, D.C. for various consulting firms, creating presentations, brochures, and reports.

Several years later I started my freelance business, CW Design. I worked with software companies, consulting firms, financial institutions and a wide array of small businesses. Settling in Charlotte, NC, and continuing to keep abreast of advancing technologies in the graphic design field, my expertise as a Graphic Designer and learned skills in marketing, make me a hybrid in this industry.

My skills include:
Web design; Email Campaigns; Image Branding, Digital and Print Marketing; Brochures, Presentations and so much more.  Proficient in Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop and Indesign, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HubSpot, Click Dimensions, WordPress.

More samples of my work.

704.609.4742 or email here